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In the name of of Allah the Merciful

 Shipping and delivery information

First: There are two types of freight
1- Regular Shipping: through which goods that are not affected by heat are shipped.

2- Cold Shipping: It is through which goods that are affected by heat are shipped, and the most important product in this store is chocolate.

Free Shipping:

1- For customers in the city of Riyadh, when buying for 100 riyals or more, the free shipping is regular or refrigerated shipping.

2- Regular shipping in all regions of the Kingdom: When buying for 200 riyals or more, shipping is free.

In the case of purchases less than 200 riyals, the shipping cost is 30 riyals, and in the case of payment upon receipt, 10 riyals are added.

2- Refrigerated shipping: When buying with an amount of 500 riyals or more, shipping is free.
In the case of purchases less than that then the shipping fee is as follows:
The following cities: Jeddah - Dammam - Khamis Mushayt - Abha - Unaizah Shipping to it is only 60 riyals
Other regions of the Kingdom: The shipping fee will be 85 riyals

Note: refrigerated shipping does not reach all regions of the Kingdom. Please make sure before ordering.

General Notes:
1- As it is known that the shipping companies are accounted for either the weight of the carton or the size of the carton (if it is large), therefore we are trying to arrange shipping in our ways so that shipping is appropriate in order to reduce costs.

2- In the event that the customer registers in the same order products that require refrigerated shipping and other regular shipping, we will re-arrange the order and communicate with him to inform him of the situation.
Our goal is to continue to evaluate our services at reasonable prices and costs.